Friday, November 15, 2019

Praying for the Faithful Departed

November is traditionally the time to remember to pray for the faithful departed: our family members, friends and strangers.  We can have a mass said for someone, pray the Rosary or pray the chaplet of mercy.  Purgatory is a state of purification from the guilt of venial sins or the temporal punishment due for mortal sins that have been forgiven in confession.

St. Faustina often had encounters with the souls of the deceased, especially the recently deceased sisters in her own order who asked her for prayers or masses.  Sometimes she saw them suffering in flames.  Sometimes they would visit her again to thank her for having masses said and praying for them.

Some people go straight to Heaven but many need the purification in Purgatory.  Poor souls who die in the state of mortal sin, deadly sin, go to hell for all eternity.  There is no use in praying for the souls in hell for they will never escape it.

May the Lord help you pray for the dead today.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Book Trailer for Radical Shifts

Hello!  Last night Cyndie and I began creating a book trailer for my memoir, Radical Shifts.  We imported 13 photos from my life into her computer and, using iMovie, started to create the trailer. Cyndie found some inspiring music to be in the background and she will narrate the video using the review that our friend Derek Darling gave the book.

The photo today is of me playing bass in our band Tom Foolery.  Steve Jensen is beside me playing electric guitar and Phil Haslip is on drums.  The show was around 1980 at the James Cowan Theatre in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

The trailer will feature a shot of me when I was a young boy playing guitar with my dad in the photo and then onto various bands I was in and then showing me praying in Rome with my hair cut short and then ordained a priest and then in the band Myztery after I got laicized after 10 years of priestly ministry.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Remembering My Brother Dave Mason

Today Cyndie and I went to the memorial mass at St. Thomas More Collegiate, my old high school until grade 11 (I graduated from Burnaby South).  They remembered deceased former students of STMC including my brother Dave.  Dave was a great guy and very gifted lead vocalist.  He sang in a couple of bands and also sang and played guitar in the church choir at St. Francis de Sales in Burnaby.

I have contacted a local drummer who does studio work to see if he will record on our album with us for some of the songs that are not rock style.  Rob Queen, our friend, will play the rock style songs.  We plan to start recording this Saturday in our home studio in our condo.  I will record acoustic/electric guitar and a rhythm track to keep time and possibly a bass part as well.  Eventually Cyndie will record a keyboard part for the song. It is a rock ballad.

Our Radical Shifts book launch is Saturday, December 14th, 7 pm at Me n Ed's pizza parlour in Burnaby on the corner of Hall Ave and Kingsway.  From now until November 30th get a great deal!  For only $15 plus $5 shipping you get the paperback book and our Myztery "Listen to the Heartbeat" album!  Visit to get your book and CD!



Monday, November 4, 2019

Celebrating the Life of Keith Bennett

Today I am attending the Celebration of Life of musician and harmonica player Keith Bennett.  Keith was a good friend of our friend and lead guitarist, the late David Sinclair.  They formed a duo, David played guitar and Keith harmonica.  Here is a song called Blue Sky they did:  

Keith and I were friends on Facebook but I never met him personally.  I know he loved a missed David a lot when David passed away.  May they play together at the Great Gig in the Sky.  Life is short and we never know when our time to leave it will be.  Heaven is our goal and we should always be focused on loving God and others in this life and using our talents to bring joy and peace to others.

David and Keith both used their talents to spread a lot of joy to the world. Cyndie and I are ready to start recording our 5th Myztery album.  We will wait until this coming Saturday to start recording as we are too busy this week to do it.  Have a great day!

Pete Mason

Friday, November 1, 2019

Recording New Myztery Album on Saturday!

Playing bass in Tyranny around 1982. 

It's official!  We are recording our 5th Myztery album starting tomorrow, Saturday, November 2nd in our home studio!  We got the glitches worked out with the monitoring system.  Rob Queen will play drums.  We will start with a song I wrote back around 1984!  It is a powerful rock ballad.  I sang the song live at a show in James Cowan Theatre in Burnaby with my progressive rock trio Tyranny.  That was our one and only show!

We will be taking down our Myztery albums from Spotify and iTunes and many other stores as there has been some confusion because there is a solo artist named Myztery and our music ended up on his account.  We will release our music on these stores as Myztery (Official).  This will also line up nicely with our other social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as they as myzteryofficial

I plan to record my acoustic 12-string guitar on at least one or two of the songs.  I got that guitar probably around 1978 or 1979 and it is my oldest guitar.  I have a solo gig in Mission tomorrow and Cyndie will come along for the ride.  I am going to confession, adoration and All Saints mass at Corpus Christi church tonight.  This is our weekly practice to go to Corpus Christi.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, October 28, 2019

Ready to Record Next Album!

Me and a Bishop from New Brunswick or 
Nova Scotia during my cross Canada tour. 

The issue with Garage Band resolved itself when I was at Metrotown Apple store.  We are now ready to record our next Myztery album, which will be our fifth one.  It is long overdue!  We will also release a couple of singles on Spotify and other stores as well.  I had a good jam with Kip Zimmerman.

We hope to do local tours in 2020!  We may drive as far away as 5 or 6 hours, e.g. Kelowna and Kamloops, as well as concerts on Vancouver Island.  We will use my truck for the tours.  One day we may buy another RV to do tours with, probably a class C.

You can watch a music video of my song Open Your Heart here: 

It was for a Myztery Facebook Live video we did last night.  Open Your Heart is one of the first spiritual songs I composed.  The very first one was How Can I Know You.  We will do a music video of that song one of these Saturday evenings.  We plan to do a Myztery Cafe live music show every Saturday at 7 pm PST, so it would be 10 pm in Ontario, not too late for people there to watch.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Three Days to Jamming with Drummer!

Good morning!  Here's a photo of me and a Myztery fan in Chatham, Ontario!  I am holding my Ovation Custom Balladeer guitar.  I later traded it in for a black Taylor acoustic/electric guitar at Frank's music in Chatham. Today I will book an appointment at Apple in Metrotown to resolve the monitoring issue we are having with our Garage Band recording software on Cyndie's computer.

We will practice some Myztery songs tonight in preparation for jamming with drummer Kip Zimmerman this Saturday afternoon.  We will play Touch the Sky, Flood of Mercy and other songs, including Let's Make Some Noise and There's Only One Rock.

Follow #MyzteryOfficial on Instagram!  We have started to follow Christian rock Instagram accounts as well as Christian rock bands and fans. 

Have a great day!

Monday, October 21, 2019

New Drummer for Myztery!

Hello!  This coming Saturday we are meeting a new drummer named Kip Zimmerman.  We will play three Myztery songs and jam on some other songs.  Hopefully Kip will record with us on our next Myztery album, which we will start recording soon.  We also plan to start doing live shows locally as well, once we rehearse a couple of sets worth of material.

Yesterday we had a good day of retreat, which we do once a month.  It's a great way to recharge our spiritual batteries.  We also had an hour of Eucharistic adoration at Corpus Christi church in Vancouver and I read my spiritual journal.

I had to make some corrections to the proofs of my book Radical Shifts and I mailed them to Volumes in Ontario and they will make the changes.  What happened is that a number of paragraphs had an extra space between them due to the formatting of the book.

Have a good day!


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Radical Shifts Proofs Will Arrive Soon!

Saint Marguerite d'Youville

Hello!  The proofs for my memoir, Radical Shifts, will arrive any day now!  Once I approve them the books will be shipped to us here in Burnaby from Ontario.  Today is the feast day of Saint Marguerite d'Youville.  She was married to a man who drank too much and squandered his money.  After he died she founded the Order of Sisters of Charity of Montreal, commonly known as the Grey Nuns of Montreal. Some people mocked her order as the "tipsy sisters," as that was another meaning to the French word describing their order.

We have to set an appointment with Apple to resolve the technical glitch we are encountering with the recording program Garage Band on Cyndie's computer.  For some reason I cannot hear the drum track while recording the mandolin track for the first song we are working on.  Hopefully we will do this sometime this week.

I wrote some new lyrics to a song I started writing back around 1983!  I used a rhyming dictionary to help me.  It comes in handy that's for sure.  Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Myztery Rock Music Video for Amazing Grace

Tonight we will record a rock music video doing a cover of Amazing Grace.  I will play rock guitar on my Gibson Les Paul using my amp and Cyndie  will operate the camera.  Please pray for my Uncle Glen as he has lost almost 20 pounds recently and is unable to eat.  He only drinks Ensure.  I am visiting him this Saturday.

We have found a good lead guitarist named Dave Corman.  My friend Craig Zurba suggested him.  I will record a song and email it to him to create a solo part for it.  We will also do a music video for the first song I will record and send to Dave.  David Sinclair used to do all our lead guitar work but he passed away from cancer several months ago and we miss him.  He did phenomenal work on our albums, especially the song Judgement and Heaven on our Tempus Fugit album.

Cyndie and I will drive to Long and MccQuade in Vancouver to get the issue resolved with Garage Band:  I am unable to hear the drum track I recorded when I try to record my mandolin over it.  Our friend Chris should be able to help us.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Spiritual Companionship Declaration

Tom Petty


Yesterday I recorded a drum track for the first song on our upcoming Myztery album.  Next I will record a mandolin part.  I am picking up my Taylor acoustic guitar from Neil Douglas music store in New Westminster.  They cleaned it up and changed the strings.  I have a solo concert in Burnaby today.  Today is the second anniversary of Tom Petty's death.  He believed his music was a gift from God.  Here is his song Free Fallin' 

Yesterday I renewed my Spiritual Companionship Declaration, where I profess my desire to be a spiritual companion of St. Therese of the Child Jesus and Holy Face and St. Faustina Kowalska.  I wrote that I want to spend my Heaven doing good on earth with St. Therese and St. Faustina.  I hanged the document on one of the walls of our condo and will give a copy to my spiritual director after mass today during my spiritual direction session.

Please pray for our MML director in Nigeria, Fr. Chris Princewill, as it is his birthday today!  It is getting colder out here in Burnaby but no snow like they have in Calgary.  I am walking today for 30 minutes at Metrotown mall in Burnaby for my health and to lose weight.  I lost two pounds since yesterday!

Have a great day!


Monday, September 30, 2019

77 Limit on Twitter Reached!

Today is a historic day for the Myztery Twitter account:  I found a talented recording artist who was following our Myztery Tweets named Ashley Keating.  She has a beautiful voice and was also born in the month of September like me :)  I am now listening to her song on Spotify called Bad Mistake.  It's a good song to drive to.  Cyndie is flying today to Calgary for a meeting there.  Calgary has two feet of snow!

I have a solo gig today.  It is a beautiful sunny day here in Burnaby.  I noticed at the airport that Myztery is on Google Play.  We have three albums there.  Our Tempus Fugit album is not there though.  It may take a little while for that album to get up there as we recently uploaded it to Tune Core and they put it on Google Play, Spotify and other stores etc.

Please pray for our friend Christine Sinclair, the choir director at St. Francis de Sales church in Burnaby.  She passed out while driving and slammed into a parked car.  She totalled her car.  She was not seriously injured and is still in hospital.  It will be a while before she can drive again.  Her husband was our lead guitarist, David Sinclair, who did several months ago from cancer.

Have a good day!


PS. St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face died on this day.  Her feast day is October 1st.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Myztery Store Opens on Facebook

David Sinclair (RIP) and Keith Bennett (RIP)

Good morning! Last night I created a Myztery store on our Myztery Facebook page.  So far it has two products:  Cyndie's book "Heaven ROCKS!" and my memoir "Radical Shifts."  In time we will add our Myztery CDs to the store.  I will be making a short Myztery video today that will appear on our Myztery Facebook page.  I plan to do this every Wednesday.

I have a solo gig today.  Our friend Christine Sinclair, widow of our lead guitarist and friend David Sinclair, gave me a pick that has David's photo of him playing guitar on one side and his autograph on the other side.  Christine is giving me another pick this Sunday.  I will frame the picks and hang it on one of our condo's walls as a reminder of David's outstanding guitar playing.  He played on a number of our songs.  My favourite lead solo he did is from our Judgement song on our Tempus Fugit album.

I am starting to read a good book called "This is Marketing" by Seth Godin.  He says something like we should seek to help others with their problems.  Have a good day!


Monday, September 23, 2019

Ads for Pre-Order of Radical Shifts

Greetings!  We will create a Facebook ad for pre-launch orders of my memoir, Radical Shifts.  We will target, for now, North America.  Later we will target other countries like the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, etc.  We are booked to play at a romantic couples dinner night in Burnaby, so we'll be brushing up on some love songs!

I will be uploading our Tempus Fugit album to Tunecore and iTunes and Spotify.  Our other three albums are already available to download on Spotify.  I am handing out quite a few Myztery website cards.  I even handed one out at Edmond's Community Centre pool!  It was a little water damaged from being in my swimsuit pocket but it was still legible :)

Our launch date for Radical Shifts is still December 14, 2019 which is a Saturday.  We will also do the music for a youth Alpha course starting soon.  I'd like to reach young people from age 13 to 24 with Myztery's music and videos.  I still have to record the classical guitar for the first song on our next concept album.  Cyndie will do the keyboard part.

Have an awesome day!

Photo:  Me playing bass in my band Tyranny.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Go Fund Me

Photo by Dee Lippingwell.

Good morning!  Our Go Fund Me page for my memoir Radical Shifts is at $80.  You can donate here:   If you donate $10 you get a free ebook.  $25 will get you a paperback book of Radical Shifts.  We have set the launch party to a new date:  December 14th, 7 pm, 7058 14th Ave, Burnaby, BC, Canada.  Call 604-379-5936 when you get to the condo complex front door and we will let you in!

I will be setting up our recording studio today, plugging in various cables to speakers, drum machine, keyboards, mics, etc.  I have decided to walk for 1/2 hour Monday to Friday for exercise at Metrotown Mall.  I found that Spotify has 3 Myztery albums:  Myztery, Cyber Superstar and Listen to the Heartbeat. They don't have Tempus Fugit, probably because we never uploaded it to iTunes etc.

I also noticed that these same 3 albums are on Apple Music.  I plan to add a link to Spotify and Apple Music on our Myztery website so that people can create Myztery playlists on this applications.  I will tune my violin today and learn a romantic song on it, perhaps blue moon.  I am going to start playing violin  probably 3 times a week at solo concerts I do.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Focus on Myztery

Good morning!  We recently decided to focus on our band Myztery, rather than "Pete and Cyndie Mason."  We will still have our website, but we will book churches etc. as Myztery.  I am starting to, once again, hand out our black and gold Myztery cards to people I meet on the street or in church and so on.  We moved our recording studio from one place to another place in our condo and it is much better.

I am applying for my enhanced BC drivers license today, so we will be able to go on weekend tours to the USA for Myztery in churches.  My birthday is coming up on September 28th.  I will likely move the date of my book launch for my memoir, Radical Shifts, from November 9th to some time in December, to allow time for the books to be shipped to us from Ontario.

Here is a wonderful movie about St. Joseph of Cupertino, a humble priest who had the gift of levitating:

Have a good day!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Letter to Pope Francis

Good morning!  Today I will mail a letter I wrote to Pope Francis, seeking his approval of a booklet I wrote called "Prayer for the Renewal of the Church." The photo today is Christ, by Heinrich Hofmann.  The booklet has prayer for bishops, priests, deacons, religious, lay faithful, parents, teachers and catechists.   It can be prayed daily, monthly or yearly.  My hope is that this booklet will spread throughout the world in many dioceses and parishes.

I am planning to record the first song for our next Myztery album, which will be our 5th.  It is also another concept album.  I have already built a website for the album.  I  have a solo concert in North Burnaby today and we are going to adoration, confession and mass at Corpus Christi parish in Vancouver tonight.

I am also planning to write another book about Jesus, about a certain aspect of his life.  I will let you know the title when the book is ready to be released!  We cut down the size of my memoir, Radical Shifts, to about 286 pages, so it is cheaper to mail.  I changed the font type and the spacing between the lines.  Have a great day!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Waiting for Radical Shifts to Come in the Mail!

Hello!  Sorry for the delay in writing.  I will try and do better.  A couple of days ago I emailed the manuscript to my memoir, Radical Shifts, to our printer in Ontario.   It will take about 6 weeks to get the books shipped out to us..  I have added some information to the home page of our Missionaries of Merciful Love website.  I mention you will get free Christian music and free Catholic e-books when you sign up for our email list.  Please visit to see for yourself and sign up!

I will soon be starting a new book dealing with a certain aspect of Jesus' identity.  I can't say any more at this point but I will let you know when it is closer to release that book.  We have set up our recording studio in our condo for the first time in a long time and have started recording a new Gospel album.  Cyndie sounds beautiful in her singing and piano  playing.  I will also, during the day when I am free, start recording for our latest (5th) Myztery album, which is another concept album.

We will soon consult with our ministry spiritual director, Fr. Thomas Smith, as to where he believes we should start our music and talking ministry:  In local churches, or other dioceses in Canada or in North West Washington and Oregon?  Please pray for good discernment in all of this.  We plan on printing 50 more of my book A Year of Merciful Love and 50 more books of Cyndie's Heaven ROCKS! to sell in churches and prayer meetings etc.  Have a great day!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

August 31st Day to Send in Manuscript

Good morning!  August 31st is our day to email my manuscript for my memoir Radical Shifts!  I am excited to have the first run of my book printed!  Cyndie is doing one final edit of the book by glancing through a copy of it.  It has been many years that we have been working on the book and it is finally coming to an end!

I have a solo concert today in Abbotsford, BC and will attend morning mass today as well.  We have a summer vacation coming up this week as well.  I have received the file for my MML book A Year of Merciful Love and will make a lot of corrections to that book and eventually have another batch of books printed as well.

We have booked our party room for my book launch on Saturday, November 9th at 7 pm in Burnaby.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Radical Shifts First Book Coming Any Day!

Here is a photo from our Myztery "Cyber Superstar" photoshoot in Vancouver by Andrea Seraphim.  On our left is drummer Vernon Shewchuk.  My first copy of my memoir, Radical Shifts, should arrive in the mail any day now!  We will then do one more final edit before getting the first batch of 50 books printed in Ontario.  email us at if you would like to buy one for $20 plus postage.  If you live in the Greater Vancouver area we can deliver it to your door so there is no postage :)  

We are starting to prepare for recording of our next Myztery album, which will be old time Gospel songs.  We also have another Myztery concept album we are writing songs for and will record after the Gospel album is finished.  We have recently gotten rid of our TV because we wasted a lot of time watching silly shows.  Now we watch Christian movies and documentaries on our computer and it is a lot better and more spiritually beneficial for us.

I am once again setting up our home studio in our condo, connecting wires, etc.  The release date for my memoir is still September 14, 2019, the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.  In the next few days I will send out a press release to national and local media, as well as a Christian talk show, to see if they will do a story on my book.  Have a great day!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

First the Book, the the Movie!

Kelly Rowan, Canadian actress and movie producer

Greetings!  Yesterday we printed the final copy of my memoir, Radical Shifts.  We will do one more final edit with the paper book before submitting it to the printer in Ontario in July to be ready for launching on September 14, 2019.  It is a nice change to be working with pen and paper instead of a computer screen.  There will be about 15 photos in the inside of the book.

Cyndie has been a huge help in the editing process.  She has a background in teaching English in high school in Ontario.  We are hoping to start recording a Myztery Gospel album with classic Gospel hymns on it.

I have a solo acoustic concert today in Coquitlam in the afternoon.  Yesterday was my 25th anniversary of being ordained a priest.  I celebrated by attending mass at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver, where I was ordained in 1994.  I took the manuscript down and laid it before the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary and asked for her prayers.  I then took it in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle and did the same.  Then I went for dinner at White Spot across the street.

On the way down to the Cathedral I met a woman who is a friend of the Canadian actress and move producer Kelly Rowan.  She said if she likes my book she will get in touch with Kelly to see if she is interested in doing a movie based on my book.  Kelly Rowan looks a lot like Cyndie and she is the same age, so she could play the role of Cyndie in the movie!

Have a good day!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Mystical Rose Productions Meeting Tonight!

Photo:  Me at the Sea of Galilee, Israel

Tonight Cyndie and I have a Mystical Rose Productions meeting in our condo or perhaps at a restaurant.  We will also continue to read aloud my Radical Shifts memoir manuscript, editing it.  I have a concert in Coquitlam this afternoon as well.  I plan to publish 100 books in the first run.  Soon I will be contacting various magazines and other media outlets to see if they are interested in running a story on the release of my memoir.

It is a nice sunny day here in Burnaby!  We hope you had a great easter and celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy!  I also plan to write another book about a certain topic in the Gospel of John.  I can't reveal the topic yet!  I plan to start writing soon, maybe even today!

I am thinking of setting the price of my ebook at 99 cents and will distribute it through Publish Drive worldwide, including Amazon.  I was thinking of giving it away for free but decided it would be better to charge a small fee for it.  The paperback will sell for $20.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Final Editing for Radical Shifts

On tour in Alberta with Myztery

Cyndie and I are on the final edit of Radical Shifts, my memoir.  I am reading it out loud and Cyndie is watching for the flow etc.  We are making small adjustments.  The photos are all in and secured.  September 14, 2019 is still the release date but we will have some books printed before then to ship some free copies out to a certain group of people.

We are in Holy Week now and preparing for the Easter Vigil this Saturday night where many people will be baptized, confirmed and receive the Holy Eucharist for the first time.  I may end up writing a new final chapter of my book depending on how a certain possible shift in my life may come forward soon.  We will let you know!

I have decided to offer my book for free as an ebook on Kindle Amazon but sell it as a paperback book.  I may offer it for free as an audio book as well but I will make that decision after I create the audio book.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Photos Added to Memoir

Yesterday I added all the photos I want to add to my memoir, Radical Shifts.  Some are colour and some are black and white.  We will edit the manuscript today or tomorrow and organize the paragraphs and read the whole book out loud to check for flow, etc.

I am planning to give away the ebook for free!  We will sell the paperback book and audio book.  I have learned a lot from two different books on how to market my book and will put their advice into practice.

Have a great day!

Photo:  Taken by Tom Hawkins.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Monthly Retreat and Local Bookings

Yesterday Cyndie and I went on a silent MML retreat at Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC, about an hour from where we live.  We walked around the grounds, looked at the view of the Fraser Valley and prayed in the chapel for a while and then evening prayer chanted with the monks and a brief period of Eucharistic adoration.  Next month we plan to arrive a little before 10 am to attend Sunday mass there.

This week I will be building my personal website for music and books.  I will use this site when booking local concerts and speaking events at parishes and parish groups.  I will later build a website for Cyndie for her music and books.  Finally, I will build a site that combines all our music and books and even some art.

I had a solo concert in North Vancouver today and Cyndie joined me for the ride.  I am opening a business account for Mystical Rose Productions tomorrow at Scotiabank in Burnaby at Highgate Mall.  We will either tonight or tomorrow night read through my memoir, Radical Shifts, looking for areas that need correction and so on.  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Rock Podcast

Today I talk about #1 of our MML Rule of Life.

The image today is my Coat of Arms with the Latin Words Ecclesiam Renovare, which means Renew the Church, and the Hebrew word on the key means "Victory."  The heart symbolizes love, the Mitre is a bishop's mitre and the crozier is a bishop's crozier and the guitar is mine!  The cross reminds us of Jesus.

The podcast will appear Monday to Friday at 7 am PST.  Yesterday I worked on a keyboard part for one of our Myztery songs for our upcoming 5th album.  Today I am booking solo concerts in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC.  We are still editing my memoir, Radical Shifts, which will be released on September 14, 2019.  I got a monthly calendar yesterday to plan various stages of the book release.  Have a great day!

Monday, March 11, 2019

New Podcast Coming Today!

Later today I will be creating a blog that will appear Monday to Friday.  It will be called The Rock, after Jesus' words to Peter "You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it."  I will talk about the spiritual renewal of the church.   We are in the holy season of Lent, a perfect time for spiritual renewal.  Jesus began his public ministry by saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."  The start of spiritual renewal is turning away from sin, and following Jesus in his way of the Gospel, or good news.

I hope you subscribe to my blog!  I hope you leave feedback on the comments section.  I have written a booklet called Prayer for the Renewal of the Church.  It will be available as a free ebook on my personal website which will be up and running soon.  I am also planning to print booklets of them for churches to purchase and give out to church members to pray for the renewal of the church.  Let me know if you would like to order copies for your church.

We all need spiritual renewal.  God raises up certain men and women like St. Francis of Assisi to renew the church.  During his lifetime St. Francis had to deal with a church that was losing touch with the Gospel message of simplicity and radical renewal. The Pope had a dream that St. Francis was supporting a large basilica.  God raised up many men and women to follow in the footprints of St. Francis, especially St. Clare and her order called the Poor Clares.  Lay people also followed St. Francis as the Brothers and Sisters of Penance, now known as the Secular Franciscan Order.  I was a member of the SFO for over 20 years until God called me to start the Missionaries of Merciful Love, which is now growing a lot especially in Nigeria.

May the Lord bless you this Lent with radical conversion and Gospel joy!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  The photo today is of a booklet I wrote called Prayer for the Renewal of the Church.  We are called to renew the church through prayer, fasting and witness and using our talents like music.  Last night we continued to edit my memoir, Radical Shifts, moving one paragraph to another section in the book and writing opening and closing paragraphs.

Tonight we will practice for local concerts in churches.  We will also set a date to start recording our 5th Myztery album to be released in November of 2020.  We want to take at least a year to record, mix and master the album.  I have included the first day of the Prayer for the Renewal of the Church below:  You can start on any day of the week.  In the next 6 blogs I will share another day of the prayer.  

Sunday - Day 1 - For the renewal of Bishops
Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of Bishops in the universal church. We pray for each one of them, that they may be holy, wise and zealous for the glory of Your name and the salvation of souls. May they preserve order, unity and charity in the particular churches entrusted to them. May they love the truth and always proclaim it, especially when it comes at a personal cost to their popularity or reputation. In a special way we pray for our Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome. Help him to carry out his ministry as the successor of Peter the Apostle. We pray also for our own Bishop, that he be blessed with all the gifts he needs to serve the people of God.

May Jesus, the Bishop of our souls, always be in their hearts, on their lips and in their minds, so that they may spread His sweet fragrance wherever they go. When they are afraid, give them courage from the Passion of Your Son. When they have sinned, lead them to the fount of mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When they are persecuted unjustly, help them to carry their cross with patience, kindness and humility.

Finally, fill them completely with the love of Your Holy Spirit and may this same Spirit guide them at every moment, so that their decisions may be based on your revealed word and the living Tradition of our faith and the true teaching of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. May Mary, Queen of Bishops, be always beside them to comfort them and assist them to hear the voice of Jesus, her beloved Son, and do whatever He tells them to do. In Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Change in Websites

We have decided that we will build a Pete Mason website and a Cyndie Mason website.  Each website will feature our music, books and art.  Then I will build another website for Pete and Cyndie Mason which will feature our music for concerts in local churches and beyond.   Once I get the Pete and Cyndie Mason website built and we have had some more music practices, I will start booking us in local churches.  In the summer we may go on weekend tours to Kelowna, Kamloops, etc.

Cyndie came up with a cool melody and lyrics for the 2nd song on our upcoming 5th Myztery concept album.  Tomorrow I will continue working on that 2nd song, putting all the parts together.  It features keyboards and guitar etc.  I don't have any solo gigs today but I am taking a free online course about how to be effective in my activities.

Tonight we will continue to read chapter one of my memoir, Radical Shifts, looking for flow, etc.  We have decided it will just be Cyndie and I who edit the book.  We have been editing it for many years now!  It is really starting to flow well and read easily.  The release date is still September 14, 2019, the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.  I plan to do a local tour of CWL (Catholic Womens League) once we print more of my book A Year of Merciful Love.  After I have toured locally in various Catholic groups Cyndie will do a local tour featuring her book Heaven ROCKS!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Personal Pete Mason Website Coming Soon!

Today's photo is from a Christian Info News newspaper story they did on me and my Christian music website at the time.  Photographer:  Anon.  I have decided to shut down the Radical Shifts website and instead build a personal website with my name as an author, musician and artist.  I am reading a couple of books on how to market my book online and offline.

Tonight we will have a Myztery meeting to discuss my book and the recording of our 5th album.  We will soon start booking Myztery in local churches and possibly pubs as well.  I have a solo concert in Vancouver this afternoon.

We will likely purchase the recording software called Reaper.  Pro Tools is good but is too expensive for us.  I have decided to send out our Myztery ezine (e-newsletter) twice a month.  You can sign up for it on our website at  You get our free Myztery debut album as soon as you sign up!

We will start reading my manuscript out loud to check for flow, chronological order, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Two New Websites Coming Soon!

Greetings!  Photo:  Cyndie on our Myztery tour in Ontario in Midland holding a cross I made where the Canadian Martyrs died.  A couple of days ago I completed the lyrics to the title track of our 5th Myztery album, which will be released in November of 2020.  Yesterday we unplugged from the computer and went for a long walk beside the ocean at Kitsilano beach.  It was great!  Today I have a solo concert in West Vancouver and I  hope to work on the music and lyrics for our 2nd song for the upcoming album.  Our friend Lisa Midler has volunteered to do an edit of my manuscript for my memoir, Radical Shifts.  Cyndie and I still need to read through the whole thing as well.

I bought a 2019 planner book yesterday and will use it for the marketing of my memoir to contact media, bloggers, etc. to promote my Radical Shifts book.  It is good to have almost 7 months to prepare for the launch of my book.  I am learning a lot online in this regard.

Another project we will do eventually is release our solo albums on a new website we are building.  I have a few albums I did as a solo artist, starting in 1989.  They are all Christian songs.  I am also building a website for my book Radical Shifts.  If you sign up for our ezine (e-newsletter) The Myztery Buzzer you will get our Myztery debut album for free.  Sign up at 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New Release Date for Radical Shifts Book

We have delayed the book release date for my memoir, Radical Shifts, to September 14, 2019.  This will give us more time to contact media for interviews, articles, promotion and marketing to local, regional, national and international media outlets like newspapers, radio, TV, internet, blogs, etc.

Today we will do a verbal read through of the book to check the flow of it and check any spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation.  Cyndie has been a huge help in this area.  We will complete the editing on February 22, 2019, the feast of the Chair of Peter.  This is a highly symbolic date for me, with my name being Peter :)  I have a cool gold and red chair that we used for a Myztery photo shoot with Tom Hawkins in Vancouver a while back.

You can read the Foreword and Chapter One of Radical Shifts here:

We have started Myztery rehearsals twice a week:  Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We went over two songs for an upcoming album last night.  I played acoustic guitar and Cyndie played keyboards.  I am also composing music for our next concept album to be released in November of 2020.  We plan to release a "regular" album after the concept album.  We certainly don't have a shortage of material to work with!

We will likely hire our friend Kelly Stodola to do the drums for the concept album.  He is a solid session drummer and plays drums with many local bands.  He did a show with us at Presentation Theatre in North Vancouver a while back.  I have a solo concert today in Mission, BC, about an hour from where we will live in Burnaby.  Have a great day and keep on rockin'!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Stage One of Editing Complete!

Yesterday I complete Stage One of editing of my memoir, Radical Shifts.  This means I have gone through the entire manuscript checking for proper chronological order, spelling, grammar and necessary information.  Now I will leave the manuscript alone for a week and then pick it up again and read it out loud with Cyndie for Stage Two of the editing process.  After that, we will correct any mistakes etc in Stage Three and then we will be ready to submit the manuscript for printing in Ontario.

If you would like to join our Myztery Radical Shifts Launch Team visit this link: 

Members of the Radical Shifts Launch Team will get their name in the paperback book as well as the ebook and receive a free e-book!  Your duty will be to spread the news of the books release on May 11, 2019 at 7pm PST in Burnaby, BC.  It would also be great if you posted a review of the e-book on Kindle Amazon on May 13, 2019, two days after the release.

I am also composing music for our 5th Myztery album, to be released in November of 2020.  It is a concept album, similar in some ways to our debut concept album Myztery and our Tempus Fugit album.  I am also building a unique website that goes along with the album and it will feature the music and lyrics and storyline of the album. 

Today is Valentine's Day so we wish you all a very Happy Valentine's day!  Tonight I have a solo gig in Vancouver and we are going out for dinner after that in Burnaby.  Have a great day and thanks for reading! :) 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Cover of Radical Shifts Finished

Abstract Marketing has completed the cover of my upcoming memoir, Radical Shifts, specifically Lisa.  Our completion date for editing the book is February 22, 2019, the feast of the Chair of Peter :)  It is a good date to finish it on.  Our release party is still May 11, 2019 in the party room of our condo complex.  I am hoping to also have a book signing at Chapters in Metrotown, Burnaby.  I will approach them once I have the book in my hands to show them.

Our Radical Shifts Launch Team is growing!  We now have 5 members from Canada and the USA and Nigeria.  Look up Radical Shifts Launch Team on Facebook if you would like to join.  Members get their names in the paperback book and e-book and get a free e-book.  The duties of members is to promote the book release party and the book to their friends and family both online and offline.

I am still composing music for our next album which will be released in 2020.  It will be another concept album along the lines of our debut album and Tempus Fugit, but the songs won't be 15 minutes long this time! :)  I have also built a website for the album like the one I built for Tempus Fugit

We have added a sign up button for our e-newsletter.  Everyone who signs up gets access to our Myztery debut album which we recorded and released in 2005.

Have a great day and KEEP ON ROCKIN'!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Radical Shifts Book Release Party Date Changed

Hello!  We have changed the date for my Book Release Party for my memoir Radical Shifts to March 23, 2019.  The reason is that our publisher needs 6 weeks to manufacture the books.  Last night Cyndie and I did more editing on the manuscript.  We have less than 100 pages to go!  Then we will read through it again a couple of times for a final edit, checking grammar, spelling, punctuation and so on.

The book will first be released as a paperback, almost 500 pages.  Then it will come out on Amazon/Kindle as an e-book and finally as an audio book.  I will be narrating the audio book in our studio.  Our plan is to have me appear on various TV and Radio and Internet talk shows to discuss my book.

Last night I choose a variety of synthesizer settings for our upcoming concept album which will be released in 2020.  We plan on buying ProTools again to do the album.  We will use Cyndie's Mac laptop to record with as it is newer than mine.

We have recently added Myztery to Snapchat.  I am trying to figure out how to put a link to Snapchat on our Myztery website.

Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!
Photo:  Playing my  Flying V in a castle.  Photo by Cyndie Mason.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Doors Opening

Photo:  Me playing my 12 string guitar in the band Quantum Leap.

Good morning!  A couple of days ago I met a guy who took our Myztery card and he said he would give it to his friend in the Yukon and they may have Myztery play a concert there at the Dawson music festival (Blue Feather).  I have been on tour across Canada from Vancouver to Newfoundland but I have not yet been to the Yukon or Nunavit and would love to tour up there.

We are getting more and more people following us on Instagram since we recently started posting photos on that site.  I have been writing music for our upcoming concept album to be released in 2020.  My next task is to work on a synthesizer part for one of the songs.  I always carry Myztery cards in my pocket. "Be prepared" is the Boy Scouts motto :)  You never know who you are going to meet.

We will start rehearsing for live shows soon.  We will be playing some Myztery songs at my book release party on February 22nd.  We have a large party room in our condo complex that we have booked for the event.  It starts at 7 pm and the address is 7058 14th Ave, Burnaby, BC and you are welcome to come!  Just call me at 604-379-5936 when you arrive at the front door and we will let you in the building.  Snacks and soft drinks will be provided.

Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Radical Shifts Book Release Party

You are invited to the Myztery Book Release Party for my memoir Radical Shifts!  It will take place on Friday, February 22, 2019 at the Party Room, 7058 14th Ave., Burnaby, BC, 7 pm.  Call 604-379-5936 when you arrive at the entrance to the building and you will be let in.  Free parking on 14th or 17th St.

The book will be released as a paperback for $20, an ebook for $10 and an audio book for $10.  We will be playing some acoustic classic rock songs at the party on acoustic guitar as well as some original Myztery songs.  There will be soft drinks and snacks provided.  I will be signing copies of the book for those who want that.  

I have been working on my book for almost 20 years!  It started with my online testimony on a Christian music site I started and developed over the years into a book.   Rolf Kempf, who wrote Alice Cooper's hit song "Hello! Hurray" does the preface to the book.  He wrote: "If you are interested in spiritual seeking and looking for a higher meaning in life, there is something in this book for you."