Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Recording for Blood and Water Begins!

Hello!  Today we will begin recording our album Blood and Water.  The first song is called Consuming Fire.  It will be played on the classical guitar in drop D tuning.  I may get around to recording the vocals today as well.  I didn't have any concerts today so I went to noon mass at St. Peter's church in New Westminster.  Cyndie is working in Squamish today.

We bought a new set of studio monitor headphones yesterday at Long and McQuade and they sound amazing!  One Sunday this month we will have our Advent retreat at Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC.  Cyndie traded in her old car for another car that is easier to ride in on her many journeys.  I am planning to release my memoir, Radical Shifts, on February 22 of 2019.  This is the feast day of the Chair of St. Peter, so I thought it would be a good day to release my book :)

I made a good confession yesterday for the first week of Advent at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver and stayed for the 5:10 pm mass.  Please pray that I have the discipline to wake up and stay up and pray at 6 am Monday to Friday, which will enable us to get to daily mass at 8:15 am.  My mother is out of the hospital after having had two falls and bumping her hed.  She is happy at home now and has three caregivers, as well as the family, to look after her.  She loves having her cat with her as well.  Have a great day!