Monday, May 6, 2019

Mystical Rose Productions Meeting Tonight!

Photo:  Me at the Sea of Galilee, Israel

Tonight Cyndie and I have a Mystical Rose Productions meeting in our condo or perhaps at a restaurant.  We will also continue to read aloud my Radical Shifts memoir manuscript, editing it.  I have a concert in Coquitlam this afternoon as well.  I plan to publish 100 books in the first run.  Soon I will be contacting various magazines and other media outlets to see if they are interested in running a story on the release of my memoir.

It is a nice sunny day here in Burnaby!  We hope you had a great easter and celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy!  I also plan to write another book about a certain topic in the Gospel of John.  I can't reveal the topic yet!  I plan to start writing soon, maybe even today!

I am thinking of setting the price of my ebook at 99 cents and will distribute it through Publish Drive worldwide, including Amazon.  I was thinking of giving it away for free but decided it would be better to charge a small fee for it.  The paperback will sell for $20.  Have a great day!