Thursday, January 30, 2020

Brian Power to Record Drums on Myztery Album

Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth

Our friend Brian Power will be recording drums on our new Myztery album. Brian and I played music together in elementary and high school. He has a digital drum set and lives down the road from us in New Westminster. We will record the first song soon!

Here is a powerful moved called Jesus of Nazareth. It is in 3 parts. Here is part one:  We hope to finish this album in several months and in 2021 record another concept album. We are also planning to start doing video interviews with Catholics who want to share their testimonies. We bought an adapter for our tripod to hold our iPhone. Eventually we plan to purchase a large digital camera that also takes videos as it will be superior quality.

I am almost half way through my newest book and it is coming along well. I have built a database of local CWL (Catholic Women's League) chapters in various parishes to see if they would like me to speak on merciful love and the spirituality of St. Faustina and St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

Have a great day!

Pete Mason

Monday, January 6, 2020

Singing at Talking at Full Gospel Businessmen's Meeting

Today I was booked to sing and speak at the Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting in Mission, BC on the second Saturday of February.  I will also bring my memoir, Radical Shifts, along to sell to those interested.  This is the start in 2020 of my booking singing and speaking engagements for various groups in the Lower Mainland of BC.  I will also get more copies of my book A Year of Merciful Love printed, with about 65 corrections being made!  

I am also starting to write a new book and so far I have all the chapter titles done.  I am really looking forward to finishing this book as I believe it will really help married couples.  When talking with Bill from the Full Gospel group I asked how long I had to speak, maybe 15 minutes?  He said as long as when the Holy Spirit tells you to stop.  I love his answer!  We are indeed called to be led by the Holy Spirit and not a human time table.

We plan to finish recording our 5th Myztery album in 2020.  After that we have another concept album that will will start probably in early 2020.  Have a great day!