Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Weapons of LOVE

 Hello! We recently promoted our music video Weapons of Love. I wrote the song quite a few years ago after watching the news about a Palestinian suicide bomber who blew himself up in Israel and killed quite a few innocent Jewish people. Having relatives in Israel, this news greatly saddened me and I turned to the piano to express my feelings. I wrote the song very quickly.

Cyndie, my wife, plays piano. David Sinclair did the lead guitar. Gino Gerussi is on drums and Miles Foxx Hill plays bass. Mixed and mastered by Commodore Barret. The current war in Israel that Hamas started made me want to reach out to the Jewish people at this challenging time with a message of love, hope and peace. The entire world needs more love and peace. You can watch the video here: Weapons of Love

Peace and  LOVE!

Pete Mason

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Hello! This image is from our Parousia album for the song Second Coming. You can watch the music video for this song on our Myztery TV YouTube channel here: The Second Coming We have two more music videos to produce for our Parousia album. The total number of videos for this album is 17. We plan to book Burnaby Hall Theatre sometime in 2024 for the screening of our album/movie. It will be a free concert!

In January we will begin recording our 6th Myztery album, Love is the Answer. Like Parousia, the album will have 17 songs! The album features an awesome solo by our lead guitarist from Chatham, Ontario, Chris Rupert. He plays on our song LET'S MAKE SOME NOISE!  

Andreas Shuld will be our lead guitarist for our ROCK ballad This is My ROCK. I wrote the song way back in 1983! I completed the lyrics,  however, recently. Thanks for reading and don't forget to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, Myztery Diamonds at Myztery