Monday, July 25, 2022

Music Videos for Parousia

We have resumed creating the remainder of the music videos for our Parousia album! We hope to hold our Parousia concert on November 25th of 2023 at a theatre in Burnaby. This will give us plenty of time to create the music videos. There are 17 songs in total. Cyndie is making our music videos. As you know, the audio of all 17 songs has been done.

The image for today is the Mystical Rose, i.e, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mystical Rose is the name of our music business, which is a partnership between Cyndie and I. The image is based on a vision that someone had of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

I am also recording our song Bishop of ROCK. We will release it on a future Myztery album. I found a pedal steel player in Vancouver who will do some recording with us.

Have a great day!



Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Bishop of ROCK Tonight at 6 pm on TikTok Pacific Standard Time!


Tonight at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time I will perform our new Myztery song Bishop of ROCK on TikTok. It features lead guitarist David Sinclair on lead guitar. He did an amazing job. David is no longer with us as he passed away some years ago from cancer. Today I am adding lead vocals and tambourine to the recording of this song.

The song also features a cool pipe organ part that runs throughout the song. We will have our next Myztery meeting tomorrow evening. We meet every week to discuss Myztery business. Takin' care of business!

Following the advice of our business advisor, we will focus on TikTok while still posting on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. TikTok is where we have been experiencing the greatest growth in followers. Have a great day!

Keep on rockin!


Friday, July 8, 2022

New Business Advisor: Sherry Shadman

We welcome our new Myztery business advisor: Sherry Shadman. Sherry has already helped us condense our Mystical Rose business document from 27 pages down to two. We are now more focused. Pete will be meeting Sherry for a second time soon in Burnaby. We are building a database of venues in the Lower Mainland of BC.

Pete met Sherry in the Apple store in Metrotown in Burnaby. We will be getting two new Mac computers, either MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. We will be focusing mainly on TikTok, which is the social media platform that we are experiencing the greatest growth in, along with Facebook.

We found a pedal steel playing in Vancouver named Charlie. He will record pedal steel on our song This is My Rock, which Pete wrote back in the early 1980's,

Have a good day!



Monday, June 27, 2022

Myztery Diamonds e-Newsletter Coming on Wednesday!

 Hello! Here is my new Pete Mason solo musician card! Thanks to Peter from Nova Design for creating it and to Tom Hawkins for taking the photo. We had a blast at our Acoustic Classic ROCK party in our condo party room on Saturday night, playing hits from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and many others, as well as some original Myztery songs.

The Myztery songs I played were Power of Love, Somebody Loves You and Touch the Sky. I played Touch the Sky on my mandolin and Cyndie sang beautiful harmony vocals. Our friends also joined in playing: Derek sang and played the Bodhran drum, Anna sang and played acoustic guitar, Martin and Alannah sang, Alanna's mum, Jo, sang and other friends played the tambourine and mandolin and Eunhee played the Djembe as did another friend named Martin. 

I also sang on Friday night at my friend Brian Power's 60th birthday party at his house in New Westminster. I am still getting physio for my back injury twice a week. My physiotherapist advised me to walk regularly and my doctor said I should go for a hot tub, steam and sauna twice a week. I walk pretty much every day. 

We will be sending out our Myztery Diamonds e-newsletter this Wednesday! You can sign up for it on our webiste at 

Have a great day and keep on Rockin'!


Tuesday, June 14, 2022

From Canada with Love

From Canada with love. We love our fans, our Myztery Angels, our friends and even our enemies! We seek to spread love, peace and joy to the world through our music and music videos. We recently attended a big celebration at the Serbian Orthodox Church in Burnaby, which is where we will be holding our Myztery "Parousia" multi-media concert in the theatre there. It has theatre seating and a stage as well as a giant screen to project our entire 17 song Parousia album while we play live as well, with lazers, a hazer and cool lights!

I (Pete) have been busy writing new songs for yet another Myztery album. I wrote Myztery Boyz Myztery Girls. Cyndie helped with some of the lyrics for that song. I also wrote a song called A Billion Dollar$. Both songs were performed live on our Myztery TikTok, Instagram and  Facebook.

I am currently writing a song called Keep on the Grass. I plan to perform it this coming Saturday night on Myztery Live on Saturday Night on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, 7 pm Pacific Standard Time. Hope you can tune in!

Have a great evening!

Pete Mason


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Myztery Live On Saturday Night!

Hello! Tune in to Myztery Live on Saturday Night on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, this Saturday, 7 pm Pacific Standard Time. I will be singing a new song I just wrote and playing my Taylor acoustic guitar. We had a tremendous response on TikTok last Saturday night, with almost 1400 viewers! I sang our new song Myztery Boyz Myztery Girls. I wrote the music and lyrics and Cyndie also wrote some lyrics for the song.

We are still working on completing the music videos for our new Parousia album. We will book the Burnaby Hall for a concert some time in 2023 once we have completed the videos. You can get my memoir, Radical Shifts, as a free ebook if you sign up on our website at 

Have an awesome day and keep on rockin!

Photo: Myztery concert in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photographer: Dee Lippingwell. (Kelly Stodola on drums).

Monday, May 30, 2022

Parousia Concert To Take Place in 2023!

Hello! We have moved the date of our Myztery Parousia concert to sometime in 2023. We need to complete all 17 songs. The audio has been completed but we still have to make several music videos for the songs. We will have CDs manufactered here in Vancouver. We plan to have a CD release party after the CDs are made. The photo today is of the boots I will be getting. I call them "Myztery Boots," because they are black with a cool chain on them. Cyndie and I will be learning digital photography so we can take photos and create music videos with our Canon digital camera. We will be going througg a book she found in an outdoor library, one chapter at a time every Saturday. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

We're Back on the Blog!

Hello! It has been a few months since I have written in our blog. Sorry for the delay! We are continuing to create music videos for each of the songs off our Parousia album, 17 in total. We have postponed our CD release concert at Burnaby Hall as we need more time to create the music videos. We plan to hold a show in 2023 sometime at the Burnaby Hall near the corner of 10th Ave. and Canada Way. I hurt my back lifting some heavy steel containers so I am going to physio etc. The photo today is of the Fraser River in Burnaby at Foreshore Park. Cyndie and I often walk there. It is a beautiful place to walk and the trail goes right alongside the river. We can see large jets coming in close to the Vancouver Airport. Sometimes we see a 777 Dreamliner. One of my dreams is to see a 777 Dreamliner painted black with our Myztery logo on each side :) We plan to do a Myztery Cyber World Tour by going live on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook at our CD release concert in 2023. We are having a Myztery meeting on Thursday evening. We like to meet once a week to discuss our music, goals, business, etc. We're "Takin' Care of Business" every day! :) Have an awesome day and thanks for reading! Pete