Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Go Fund Me

Photo by Dee Lippingwell.

Good morning!  Our Go Fund Me page for my memoir Radical Shifts is at $80.  You can donate here:   If you donate $10 you get a free ebook.  $25 will get you a paperback book of Radical Shifts.  We have set the launch party to a new date:  December 14th, 7 pm, 7058 14th Ave, Burnaby, BC, Canada.  Call 604-379-5936 when you get to the condo complex front door and we will let you in!

I will be setting up our recording studio today, plugging in various cables to speakers, drum machine, keyboards, mics, etc.  I have decided to walk for 1/2 hour Monday to Friday for exercise at Metrotown Mall.  I found that Spotify has 3 Myztery albums:  Myztery, Cyber Superstar and Listen to the Heartbeat. They don't have Tempus Fugit, probably because we never uploaded it to iTunes etc.

I also noticed that these same 3 albums are on Apple Music.  I plan to add a link to Spotify and Apple Music on our Myztery website so that people can create Myztery playlists on this applications.  I will tune my violin today and learn a romantic song on it, perhaps blue moon.  I am going to start playing violin  probably 3 times a week at solo concerts I do.

Have a great day!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Focus on Myztery

Good morning!  We recently decided to focus on our band Myztery, rather than "Pete and Cyndie Mason."  We will still have our website, but we will book churches etc. as Myztery.  I am starting to, once again, hand out our black and gold Myztery cards to people I meet on the street or in church and so on.  We moved our recording studio from one place to another place in our condo and it is much better.

I am applying for my enhanced BC drivers license today, so we will be able to go on weekend tours to the USA for Myztery in churches.  My birthday is coming up on September 28th.  I will likely move the date of my book launch for my memoir, Radical Shifts, from November 9th to some time in December, to allow time for the books to be shipped to us from Ontario.

Here is a wonderful movie about St. Joseph of Cupertino, a humble priest who had the gift of levitating:

Have a good day!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Letter to Pope Francis

Good morning!  Today I will mail a letter I wrote to Pope Francis, seeking his approval of a booklet I wrote called "Prayer for the Renewal of the Church." The photo today is Christ, by Heinrich Hofmann.  The booklet has prayer for bishops, priests, deacons, religious, lay faithful, parents, teachers and catechists.   It can be prayed daily, monthly or yearly.  My hope is that this booklet will spread throughout the world in many dioceses and parishes.

I am planning to record the first song for our next Myztery album, which will be our 5th.  It is also another concept album.  I have already built a website for the album.  I  have a solo concert in North Burnaby today and we are going to adoration, confession and mass at Corpus Christi parish in Vancouver tonight.

I am also planning to write another book about Jesus, about a certain aspect of his life.  I will let you know the title when the book is ready to be released!  We cut down the size of my memoir, Radical Shifts, to about 286 pages, so it is cheaper to mail.  I changed the font type and the spacing between the lines.  Have a great day!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Waiting for Radical Shifts to Come in the Mail!

Hello!  Sorry for the delay in writing.  I will try and do better.  A couple of days ago I emailed the manuscript to my memoir, Radical Shifts, to our printer in Ontario.   It will take about 6 weeks to get the books shipped out to us..  I have added some information to the home page of our Missionaries of Merciful Love website.  I mention you will get free Christian music and free Catholic e-books when you sign up for our email list.  Please visit to see for yourself and sign up!

I will soon be starting a new book dealing with a certain aspect of Jesus' identity.  I can't say any more at this point but I will let you know when it is closer to release that book.  We have set up our recording studio in our condo for the first time in a long time and have started recording a new Gospel album.  Cyndie sounds beautiful in her singing and piano  playing.  I will also, during the day when I am free, start recording for our latest (5th) Myztery album, which is another concept album.

We will soon consult with our ministry spiritual director, Fr. Thomas Smith, as to where he believes we should start our music and talking ministry:  In local churches, or other dioceses in Canada or in North West Washington and Oregon?  Please pray for good discernment in all of this.  We plan on printing 50 more of my book A Year of Merciful Love and 50 more books of Cyndie's Heaven ROCKS! to sell in churches and prayer meetings etc.  Have a great day!