Monday, September 16, 2019

Focus on Myztery

Good morning!  We recently decided to focus on our band Myztery, rather than "Pete and Cyndie Mason."  We will still have our website, but we will book churches etc. as Myztery.  I am starting to, once again, hand out our black and gold Myztery cards to people I meet on the street or in church and so on.  We moved our recording studio from one place to another place in our condo and it is much better.

I am applying for my enhanced BC drivers license today, so we will be able to go on weekend tours to the USA for Myztery in churches.  My birthday is coming up on September 28th.  I will likely move the date of my book launch for my memoir, Radical Shifts, from November 9th to some time in December, to allow time for the books to be shipped to us from Ontario.

Here is a wonderful movie about St. Joseph of Cupertino, a humble priest who had the gift of levitating:

Have a good day!

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