Monday, September 23, 2019

Ads for Pre-Order of Radical Shifts

Greetings!  We will create a Facebook ad for pre-launch orders of my memoir, Radical Shifts.  We will target, for now, North America.  Later we will target other countries like the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, etc.  We are booked to play at a romantic couples dinner night in Burnaby, so we'll be brushing up on some love songs!

I will be uploading our Tempus Fugit album to Tunecore and iTunes and Spotify.  Our other three albums are already available to download on Spotify.  I am handing out quite a few Myztery website cards.  I even handed one out at Edmond's Community Centre pool!  It was a little water damaged from being in my swimsuit pocket but it was still legible :)

Our launch date for Radical Shifts is still December 14, 2019 which is a Saturday.  We will also do the music for a youth Alpha course starting soon.  I'd like to reach young people from age 13 to 24 with Myztery's music and videos.  I still have to record the classical guitar for the first song on our next concept album.  Cyndie will do the keyboard part.

Have an awesome day!

Photo:  Me playing bass in my band Tyranny.

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