Tuesday, May 24, 2022

We're Back on the Blog!

Hello! It has been a few months since I have written in our blog. Sorry for the delay! We are continuing to create music videos for each of the songs off our Parousia album, 17 in total. We have postponed our CD release concert at Burnaby Hall as we need more time to create the music videos. We plan to hold a show in 2023 sometime at the Burnaby Hall near the corner of 10th Ave. and Canada Way. I hurt my back lifting some heavy steel containers so I am going to physio etc. The photo today is of the Fraser River in Burnaby at Foreshore Park. Cyndie and I often walk there. It is a beautiful place to walk and the trail goes right alongside the river. We can see large jets coming in close to the Vancouver Airport. Sometimes we see a 777 Dreamliner. One of my dreams is to see a 777 Dreamliner painted black with our Myztery logo on each side :) We plan to do a Myztery Cyber World Tour by going live on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook at our CD release concert in 2023. We are having a Myztery meeting on Thursday evening. We like to meet once a week to discuss our music, goals, business, etc. We're "Takin' Care of Business" every day! :) Have an awesome day and thanks for reading! Pete

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