Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New Release Date for Radical Shifts Book

We have delayed the book release date for my memoir, Radical Shifts, to September 14, 2019.  This will give us more time to contact media for interviews, articles, promotion and marketing to local, regional, national and international media outlets like newspapers, radio, TV, internet, blogs, etc.

Today we will do a verbal read through of the book to check the flow of it and check any spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation.  Cyndie has been a huge help in this area.  We will complete the editing on February 22, 2019, the feast of the Chair of Peter.  This is a highly symbolic date for me, with my name being Peter :)  I have a cool gold and red chair that we used for a Myztery photo shoot with Tom Hawkins in Vancouver a while back.

You can read the Foreword and Chapter One of Radical Shifts here:

We have started Myztery rehearsals twice a week:  Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We went over two songs for an upcoming album last night.  I played acoustic guitar and Cyndie played keyboards.  I am also composing music for our next concept album to be released in November of 2020.  We plan to release a "regular" album after the concept album.  We certainly don't have a shortage of material to work with!

We will likely hire our friend Kelly Stodola to do the drums for the concept album.  He is a solid session drummer and plays drums with many local bands.  He did a show with us at Presentation Theatre in North Vancouver a while back.  I have a solo concert today in Mission, BC, about an hour from where we will live in Burnaby.  Have a great day and keep on rockin'!

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