Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Cover of Radical Shifts Finished

Abstract Marketing has completed the cover of my upcoming memoir, Radical Shifts, specifically Lisa.  Our completion date for editing the book is February 22, 2019, the feast of the Chair of Peter :)  It is a good date to finish it on.  Our release party is still May 11, 2019 in the party room of our condo complex.  I am hoping to also have a book signing at Chapters in Metrotown, Burnaby.  I will approach them once I have the book in my hands to show them.

Our Radical Shifts Launch Team is growing!  We now have 5 members from Canada and the USA and Nigeria.  Look up Radical Shifts Launch Team on Facebook if you would like to join.  Members get their names in the paperback book and e-book and get a free e-book.  The duties of members is to promote the book release party and the book to their friends and family both online and offline.

I am still composing music for our next album which will be released in 2020.  It will be another concept album along the lines of our debut album and Tempus Fugit, but the songs won't be 15 minutes long this time! :)  I have also built a website for the album like the one I built for Tempus Fugit

We have added a sign up button for our e-newsletter.  Everyone who signs up gets access to our Myztery debut album which we recorded and released in 2005.

Have a great day and KEEP ON ROCKIN'!

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