Monday, October 21, 2019

New Drummer for Myztery!

Hello!  This coming Saturday we are meeting a new drummer named Kip Zimmerman.  We will play three Myztery songs and jam on some other songs.  Hopefully Kip will record with us on our next Myztery album, which we will start recording soon.  We also plan to start doing live shows locally as well, once we rehearse a couple of sets worth of material.

Yesterday we had a good day of retreat, which we do once a month.  It's a great way to recharge our spiritual batteries.  We also had an hour of Eucharistic adoration at Corpus Christi church in Vancouver and I read my spiritual journal.

I had to make some corrections to the proofs of my book Radical Shifts and I mailed them to Volumes in Ontario and they will make the changes.  What happened is that a number of paragraphs had an extra space between them due to the formatting of the book.

Have a good day!


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