Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Myztery Rock Music Video for Amazing Grace

Tonight we will record a rock music video doing a cover of Amazing Grace.  I will play rock guitar on my Gibson Les Paul using my amp and Cyndie  will operate the camera.  Please pray for my Uncle Glen as he has lost almost 20 pounds recently and is unable to eat.  He only drinks Ensure.  I am visiting him this Saturday.

We have found a good lead guitarist named Dave Corman.  My friend Craig Zurba suggested him.  I will record a song and email it to him to create a solo part for it.  We will also do a music video for the first song I will record and send to Dave.  David Sinclair used to do all our lead guitar work but he passed away from cancer several months ago and we miss him.  He did phenomenal work on our albums, especially the song Judgement and Heaven on our Tempus Fugit album.

Cyndie and I will drive to Long and MccQuade in Vancouver to get the issue resolved with Garage Band:  I am unable to hear the drum track I recorded when I try to record my mandolin over it.  Our friend Chris should be able to help us.  Have a great day!

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