Monday, October 28, 2019

Ready to Record Next Album!

Me and a Bishop from New Brunswick or 
Nova Scotia during my cross Canada tour. 

The issue with Garage Band resolved itself when I was at Metrotown Apple store.  We are now ready to record our next Myztery album, which will be our fifth one.  It is long overdue!  We will also release a couple of singles on Spotify and other stores as well.  I had a good jam with Kip Zimmerman.

We hope to do local tours in 2020!  We may drive as far away as 5 or 6 hours, e.g. Kelowna and Kamloops, as well as concerts on Vancouver Island.  We will use my truck for the tours.  One day we may buy another RV to do tours with, probably a class C.

You can watch a music video of my song Open Your Heart here: 

It was for a Myztery Facebook Live video we did last night.  Open Your Heart is one of the first spiritual songs I composed.  The very first one was How Can I Know You.  We will do a music video of that song one of these Saturday evenings.  We plan to do a Myztery Cafe live music show every Saturday at 7 pm PST, so it would be 10 pm in Ontario, not too late for people there to watch.

Have a good day!

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