Friday, November 1, 2019

Recording New Myztery Album on Saturday!

Playing bass in Tyranny around 1982. 

It's official!  We are recording our 5th Myztery album starting tomorrow, Saturday, November 2nd in our home studio!  We got the glitches worked out with the monitoring system.  Rob Queen will play drums.  We will start with a song I wrote back around 1984!  It is a powerful rock ballad.  I sang the song live at a show in James Cowan Theatre in Burnaby with my progressive rock trio Tyranny.  That was our one and only show!

We will be taking down our Myztery albums from Spotify and iTunes and many other stores as there has been some confusion because there is a solo artist named Myztery and our music ended up on his account.  We will release our music on these stores as Myztery (Official).  This will also line up nicely with our other social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as they as myzteryofficial

I plan to record my acoustic 12-string guitar on at least one or two of the songs.  I got that guitar probably around 1978 or 1979 and it is my oldest guitar.  I have a solo gig in Mission tomorrow and Cyndie will come along for the ride.  I am going to confession, adoration and All Saints mass at Corpus Christi church tonight.  This is our weekly practice to go to Corpus Christi.

Have a great weekend!


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