Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Remembering My Brother Dave Mason

Today Cyndie and I went to the memorial mass at St. Thomas More Collegiate, my old high school until grade 11 (I graduated from Burnaby South).  They remembered deceased former students of STMC including my brother Dave.  Dave was a great guy and very gifted lead vocalist.  He sang in a couple of bands and also sang and played guitar in the church choir at St. Francis de Sales in Burnaby.

I have contacted a local drummer who does studio work to see if he will record on our album with us for some of the songs that are not rock style.  Rob Queen, our friend, will play the rock style songs.  We plan to start recording this Saturday in our home studio in our condo.  I will record acoustic/electric guitar and a rhythm track to keep time and possibly a bass part as well.  Eventually Cyndie will record a keyboard part for the song. It is a rock ballad.

Our Radical Shifts book launch is Saturday, December 14th, 7 pm at Me n Ed's pizza parlour in Burnaby on the corner of Hall Ave and Kingsway.  From now until November 30th get a great deal!  For only $15 plus $5 shipping you get the paperback book and our Myztery "Listen to the Heartbeat" album!  Visit to get your book and CD!



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