Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Radical Shifts Book Release Party

You are invited to the Myztery Book Release Party for my memoir Radical Shifts!  It will take place on Friday, February 22, 2019 at the Party Room, 7058 14th Ave., Burnaby, BC, 7 pm.  Call 604-379-5936 when you arrive at the entrance to the building and you will be let in.  Free parking on 14th or 17th St.

The book will be released as a paperback for $20, an ebook for $10 and an audio book for $10.  We will be playing some acoustic classic rock songs at the party on acoustic guitar as well as some original Myztery songs.  There will be soft drinks and snacks provided.  I will be signing copies of the book for those who want that.  

I have been working on my book for almost 20 years!  It started with my online testimony on a Christian music site I started and developed over the years into a book.   Rolf Kempf, who wrote Alice Cooper's hit song "Hello! Hurray" does the preface to the book.  He wrote: "If you are interested in spiritual seeking and looking for a higher meaning in life, there is something in this book for you."

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