Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Rock Podcast

Today I talk about #1 of our MML Rule of Life.

The image today is my Coat of Arms with the Latin Words Ecclesiam Renovare, which means Renew the Church, and the Hebrew word on the key means "Victory."  The heart symbolizes love, the Mitre is a bishop's mitre and the crozier is a bishop's crozier and the guitar is mine!  The cross reminds us of Jesus.

The podcast will appear Monday to Friday at 7 am PST.  Yesterday I worked on a keyboard part for one of our Myztery songs for our upcoming 5th album.  Today I am booking solo concerts in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC.  We are still editing my memoir, Radical Shifts, which will be released on September 14, 2019.  I got a monthly calendar yesterday to plan various stages of the book release.  Have a great day!

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