Monday, March 18, 2019

Monthly Retreat and Local Bookings

Yesterday Cyndie and I went on a silent MML retreat at Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC, about an hour from where we live.  We walked around the grounds, looked at the view of the Fraser Valley and prayed in the chapel for a while and then evening prayer chanted with the monks and a brief period of Eucharistic adoration.  Next month we plan to arrive a little before 10 am to attend Sunday mass there.

This week I will be building my personal website for music and books.  I will use this site when booking local concerts and speaking events at parishes and parish groups.  I will later build a website for Cyndie for her music and books.  Finally, I will build a site that combines all our music and books and even some art.

I had a solo concert in North Vancouver today and Cyndie joined me for the ride.  I am opening a business account for Mystical Rose Productions tomorrow at Scotiabank in Burnaby at Highgate Mall.  We will either tonight or tomorrow night read through my memoir, Radical Shifts, looking for areas that need correction and so on.  Thanks for reading!

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