Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Happy Birthday to Cyndie

Happy birthday to my beloved Cyndie! She is such a blessing in my life! We have been together 15 years! We first met in Derek Mason's recording studio in Vancouver. He set us up! She joined our band Myztery right after we met, singing and playing keyboards. Today is also the feast day of St.Catherine of Sienna, my patron saint in the Missionaries of Merciful Love.

We plan to record more music in our studio this evening and maybe watch a movie on the life of St. Catherine of Sienna. I am also writing a new book that I hope to finish in a month. I also plan to make a course based on it that will have text, audio and video.  I plan to make an audio book and an ebook as well. Lot's of plans!

We are re-uploading our Myztery albums to TuneCore and they will be in all kinds of digital stores and platforms, including Spotify and Apple music etc. I  hope we are listed as an artist, i.e, as Myztery, and not fall into a solo artist's albums who is also called Myztery.

Have a great day!


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