Monday, April 27, 2020

Upgrading our Recording Studio

Good morning! We recently upgraded our recording studio from Garage Band to Logic Pro X. It has many advanced features like a mixer and buses etc. We will continue to record bed tracks, e.g., click track with bass and guitar and possibly vocals. When we are ready we will rent a digital drum kit, Roland, and I will record drums for the songs.

We are using Cyndie's MacBook Air to record our album. My computer is too old! We have about 4 songs recorded partially at this time. We are also composing music for the album after this one, which will be our 6th album. It will be a concept album. We are not telling what the concept is! You have to wait until it comes out, maybe in 2021 or 2022.

We will have a lead guitar played named Andreas, who was a friend of the late David Sinclair. David's wife and our friend Christine Sinclair recommended Andreas to us, saying that his style of lead playing is quite similar to David's. Andreas also write his own songs, which is a good sign.
Have a great day!

Pete <>

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