Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Book and Course Coming!

Hello! I have decided to write a new book that deals with change. I am also going to create an online video and text course to go along with the book and also my memoir, Radical Shifts, which deals with the many changes I have gone through in my life.

Tonight we plan to record acoustic guitar on one of the songs for our Love is the Answer album. I will also eventually record a bass part. We have a lead guitarist named Andreas who will play lead on the song. We plan to also make a music video of the song. I am in the process of creating a story board for the music video.

We plan to release our album in December of 2020. I will soon consult with our business advisor and mentor, Deborah Richardson. I am reading a good book on how to have an online digital business. At this time in the world, with the global pandemic going on, almost everyone in the world faces change. Many have lost their jobs and their income. Some are ill and some have died. All these things point to the need we have to turn to God for his help in this time of radical change to our way of life.

Have a good day,

Pete <>

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