Monday, April 6, 2020

More Recording Tonight!

My Kiddush (Blessing) Cup

Hello! Tonight we will lay down a click track for a rock ballad we are doing for our upcoming album "Love is the Answer." We also plan to record acoustic guitar and possibly bass guitar tonight. We will have a drummer who records at Fiasco Bros Studios in New Westminster. I watched a video of him playing on Len Osanic's website for the studio and was very impressed. He plays with Paul Rodgers of Bad Company. We will have a lead guitarists named Andreas who lives in Maple Ridge. Our friend Christine Sinclair put us in touch with him. Our friend and Myztery lead guitarist David Sinclair RIP used to have Andreas play and record when he was unable to.

We will do another Myztery Live on Facebook this Saturday night at 7 pm PST. We were really happy with the turnout last Saturday night! We plan to improve the quality of the video eventually by getting a proper backdrop and studio lighting. We are also in the process of continuing to compose music for our next concept album, which we plan to release in 2021, God willing. :) I have done  most of the writing so far so I would like Cyndie to have more input into the album.

I will be meeting in May with Deborah Richardson, our business coach for Myztery and Mystical Rose Productions. All my solo gigs in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC have been cancelled due to the pandemic. I will be receiving financial assistance from the Government of Canada for the next 4 months.  Have a good day!

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