Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Rising

Greetings in the Risen Lord! Above is my painted called "The Rising." It is acrylic on canvas. My friend Jane Appleby helped me to finish it. It now hangs in the gallery of Marcello Convertini who lives in Italy. We recently recorded keyboards for a song Cyndie wrote. This week we will set up our BOSE system in our studio for better sound for our Myztery Live on Saturday nights on Facebook concerts.

Remember, we are in the Easter Season until Pentecost, which is many weeks away! This is a time to rejoice in the Risen Lord! Even though we cannot meet closely with family and friends at this time, we can still phone friends and email them etc.

We plan to set up some kind of colourful background for our live music videos and for my ROCK Talk program and my Chair of Peter program. I do these for Myztery and the  Missionaries of Merciful Love. We are busy in our home recording studio and going for walks in nearby parks. Have a great day!

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