Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Recording Drum Tracks

Good afternoon! Yesterday we returned a USB cable that did not work in our studio and get back about $17 for it. Today we will record drum tracks to set the tempo for a few of Cyndie's songs on our new album. I have already recorded drum tracks on my songs. Today is the feast day of Bishop Francois de Laval, the patron saint of Canadian Bishops.

On June 1st we plan to rent a Roland digital drum set to record the drums for our album, replacing the tempo drum tracks that are on there. I may buy a DAT (Digital Audio Tape) machine to transfer my songs to a .wav file. These are my solo album, 7 in total, I think. And then we will make them available for people to listen to. Even Cyndie has not heard many of my Christian songs that I recorded before we met.

Have a good day!

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