Monday, May 11, 2020

Pause on Recording to Complete Book

St. Francis of Assisi

We have decided to put a pause on recording our next album so I can finish my next book. I hope to finish the book within 30 days, and then I will create a course on Udemy based on the book. We will  make a paperback book, ebook and audio book as well. I already have the cover photo for the book. Our graphic designer, Lisa from Abstract Marketing in Chatham, Ontario, will create the cover. She is away until about November on maternity leave. 

The next step in our recording for the album is to lay day tempo tracks on the rest of Cyndie's songs. We will use our  BOSS drum machine to set a tempo, along with our metronome, and Cyndie will play keyboards and sing. I found a place that can convert my 7 solo albums on DAT Digital Audio Tape to .wav files, so we can upload them to our website. 

We had a great time on Mother's Day with Cyndie's mom (dinner) and  my mom (tea and chocolates). My mom is 95 is Cyndie's mom is in her 80's. Both live in their own home. My mom has a live-in caregiver. Cyndie's mom lives on her own and we visit every week with groceries. 

Have a great day!

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