Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Spiritual Journal

Hello! I am busy at this time typing my spiritual journal, or diary, going back to 1982 to the present. I was 20 years old in 1982! It is a wonderful experience to read how God has been working in my life from the early days until now. I encourage you to keep a spiritual journal or diary if you are not doing so already. You will grow in your union with Jesus and it will help you to avoid areas of sin and weakness.

St. Faustina  kept a diary at the request of her spiritual director, so he could direct her outside of confession. What a gift her Diary is to the world! There we learn about the mercy and love of God. I still have the flu! Ugh! We plan to rent a digital drum set so I can record drums on our next Myztery album. Drums were one of the first instruments I played when I was really young.

We continue to get new people, mainly from Nigeria, who want to join the Missionaries of Merciful Love. I also learned recently that 17 members of the Secular Franciscan Order became founders of new orders. I was a member of the SFO for 22 years until I founded the Missionaries of Merciful Love in 2005. Have a good day!

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