Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Recording Keyboards for Music Video Song

Queen of Peace

Good morning! Today Cyndie will record a keyboard part for our song that we are doing a music video for in June or July. I am thinking of having the keyboard like a Hammond B3 or some pulsating organ sound. I am taking my black Taylor acoustic/electric guitar to Neil Douglas music store to have new strings put on and cleaned. I bought the strings in Vancouver at Long & McQuade. I have had a few solo gigs cancelled due to the flu pandemic.

Yesterday I recorded an electric guitar part using my blue Gibson Les Paul and I also did kind of a lead solo part,  very simple. Our goal is to release this album by December of 2020 so we have lots of time to record the album. I will be looking into a couple of local studios where we can mix and master the album in December.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Burnaby! I went for a brief walk in New Westminster near Neil Douglas music store. They open at 12 noon Monday to Friday. Have an awesome day!


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