Friday, January 5, 2024

Myztery Parousia Film to Be Released September 27th and 28th Online!


On Septbember 27th and 28th we will be holding our Global screening of our Myztery Parousia film of 17 music videos on LinkedIn Live, (27th), Facebook Live (27th) and TikTok Live (28th). The film is based on the Book of Revelation, and particulary on the Second Coming of Jesus (Parousia) to the world. Tell your friends and mark your calendars! All screenings start at 7pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) and last until about 8:30 pm. 

The music ranges from ambient, spiritual, alternative rock, techno, easy listening and pop. All music was composed by Pete and Cyndie Mason (Myztery). This is our 5th studio album. We have decided to postpone the recording of our Love is the Answer album until 2025, so we can focus on the promotion of our Myztery Parousia events. We will be networking with our Myztery Stragetic Advisor, Natalia Pardalis as well as our Myztery Business Advisor, Sherry Shadman and others.

Have a great evening!



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