Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Heaven ROCKS! to Be Re-Released

Good morning!  We have decided to re-release Cyndie's book Heaven ROCKS! which is about her near-death experience at age 13.  We will have the cover re-designed and put into place a proper marketing plan with the help of an expert in marketing named Penny.  It is a powerful spiritual journey and easy to read.  In a couple of weeks we will be talking a little about it as well as our group the Missionaries of Merciful Love at our prayer meeting at St. Francis de Sales church in Burnaby, BC  We will offer for sale Cyndie's book as well as my book, A Year of Merciful Love and also some of our music CDs.

Yesterday we gave another box of items to a local charity, thus simplifying our space.  We have more to give away in time.  It feels great to help the poor and get more space in our condo at the same time.  I am continuing to compose music on my classical guitar for our upcoming Blood and Water album, which will likely come out sometime in 2019.  I am also busy singing in care homes.  We have confirmed our Song of the Lamb concert at St. Peter's church in New Westminster for Saturday, October 20, 6:30 pm,  330 Royal Ave.,  Free admission.  See our Song of the Lamb website to hear our music 

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